ASAL’s philosophy to be in harmony with the external environment and with one’s own body has led it to adopt practices that are environment friendly and at the same time economical. The store does not use any form of electricity, lighting and ventilation are provided by large windows and castor oil lamps in the evening. The store has used lime plaster on the walls and gobbar (cow dung) based flooring, these materials are eco friendly and at the same time regulate the temperature in the store. The premise of the store also houses a rainwater harvesting tank that helps in water conservation. These efforts have inspired ASAL patrons to adopt similar changes in their lifestyles. Read more on the blog.

Openings at ceiling level with jallis (mesh screens) to allow for natural ventilation while hand operated fans have been provided for those extra warm days. All wooden furniture is designed to revive traditional lifestyle (for example low seating) and is free of any chemical agents.
As the evening sets in, the store is lit up with the glow of more than 70 castor oil lamps. Castor oil lubricates the eyes naturally and provides a calming effect. The store also houses a rainwater storage tank in its front yard. The store lives up to its name in providing an experience that is truly unique and traditional. The building materials used are completely natural and chemical free, the temperature remains 5 degrees lesser than what is outside by using large windows and ventilators coupled with the Lime washed walls that keep ASAL cool even during the hot afternoons, pankhas (hand held fans) have been provided for those extra warm days.

ASAL extends its services not only through its products, but also encourages and educates its visitors to rethink sustainable ways of living. We strongly believe in propagating our philosophy by educating our visitors. Some of our customers have been inspired and have gone further in implementing sustainable design into their daily