Bed Spreads and Accessories
ASAL showcases a range of bed linen and home accessories in organic cotton and silk.

Yoga Mat
Hand-woven in natural woolen fibers (6ft x 2 ft), prevents slipping of the body and is ideal for the practice of yoga indoors and outdoors.

Glass Light Holders (Handi): are designed to hold small containers filled with castor oil. Castor oil vapours provide natural lubrication to the eyes; they also create a calm and soothing mood and are an eco friendly respite from harsh artificial light. These bell jar and muskmelon shaped lamps are available in 5 – 7 – 9 – 11 inches (diameter) sizes and in various colours, ideal for festive occasions and gifts.

Kansa (Bell Metal) Vessels
Hand made vessels made from bell metal known as kansa vessels are native to the Kansa community of West Bengal. Bell Metal is a compound of Copper & tin. The metal is first heated to make it malleable and further beaten by hand by the craftsperson to achieve desirable shape. These vessels have inherent medicinal properties of the metals from which the alloy is composed.

Copper as per Ayurveda and other natural medicinal systems is known for its anti-inflammatory properties in relieving joint pains and arthritis. These vessels when used over a period of time are known to cure and prevent gastric ailments and skin disorders.

ASAL has a complete range of bell metal vessels like:
Buffet Plates
Katori (Bowls)
Halawa plate

Copper and Brass Utensils

Thick bottomed pots and pans lined with tin are available in different sizes, these are ideal for preparing sauces and curries. These contain the medicinal properties of Brass in curing and preventing joint pains and gastric disorders. However, foods that are acidic in nature, must not be prepared in them.

Washing Soap and Powder

The ASAL washing powder and soap is free of acid slurry. Vegetable oil based cleansing agents maintain the life of fabrics and are soft on the skin. No petrochemical based ingredients, quickly biodegrades and is safe on plumbing, septic tanks, and the natural environment.

Ingredients include: vegetable based soap and cleaning agents and mild surfactants (vegetable oil based).